I never thought that I would like to look back about my 2018, it's a terrible year that I have never experienced before. Maybe some other people won't agree on this, even just the Trip of South East Asia, already enough to call my 2018 is GREAT!!!

Yeah, it's true, I got some interesting memories from that trip, but the whole trip only takes near 40 days, there still have near 300 days left for this year, so how about these time? Well, these days are the reason why I said this year of 2018 is terrible.

I was a person who is "Blind optimist," seems my "Blind optimism" already gone for a while. I think it because I've always been blessed, no matter how bad things happened, the lucky will always follow behind, so I will never feel bad for a long time. I never thought the bad feeling would keeping follow me for almost a year, so it's practically destroyed me.

I should put a video of all my year in this post, as what I did in last year, of course, till the end I will. I already made a simple version by an app name "1 Second". Even all of the photos and videos in this video should be taken from the time when I was happy, but when I looking this "Review of Year Video", I can't get any point of funny and seems like there have nothing of this year worth to remember up, everything seems boring, maybe only, Lolita, I could say that she is the only one who was interested in this video. And, here is the simple version review video of my 2018:

I don't know what should I do right now; I don't want to clip video, I don't know how to write those words, I don't know what story I could tell, I don't know everything about my 2018. So, maybe the Final cut video of my 2018 will never release, that's it.

That's it. (If I finished that video, I will just put it down below, there's no reason to delete this line of words).

Have a lovely new year of your 2019 everybody!