I don't know how to decide what happened to me, 2018 is terrible, and I also do wish about 2019 will be nice for me, but I never really take these are things very seriously, I still think these are all depending to luck.

I never thought the lucky would back to me as soon like this. Just after 2018 for a little while, I did some tested, a few donations. I already forget how many of them I tried, but one thing I can sure that is I didn't take too much work, only a few, and one week later, I got a nice offer.

So, this means I got a job! Since the year before the last, till this moment of spring of 2019, if let my parents know this, they will never believe this thing happened. Of their generation, no one can live without a job, no need to say, living not bad for a year without a job.

But these all seem great, but there still have something need to result. My credit cards are all even can't get a health cycle, I don't know how to deal with these, I still need to get some money to pay these back for a little while, and later than that, I could spend all my debts by myself.

Otherwise, I got a puppy MUMU, a border collie.

This is a picture of MUMU itself.

I don't know why could I do get it home, because I can't even feed myself very well at this moment. Just on Friday of last week, I did go to Xixiang and directly bring it home. To myself, I think I already sold a lot of stuff, like my MacBook Pro, my GoPro Hero 6, my 2k display, my Apple Watch Series 3, etc. I spent out almost all my stuff, of course, I need some buddy to keep with me is not a request which is too much.

So, of some point, I just want to move my attention to another place. Whatever I already cannot pay more attention to those stuff of digital anymore, at the least not in this year. I am the kind of person who must have something to attract my attention, so this is why I got a puppy.

Even I felt that I'm already going back to the right way, but I still need to do something more, such as payback, I still have a lot of debts need to payback. The last two months I need to care so much because I can't give those bank full payback yet, my first salary needs to wait till 15th of next month so...

I still have many things need to do. If I do want to continue my student life to study in Europe, I need start to save money, less my plans for shopping.

Well, that's all of this post.